Boredom busters for your sensitive pups

Tis the spooky season an families have things to do! Today we are going to get my free ikea meal and maybe Jack-o-Lantern hunting while I’m off work. I decided to share one of the ways I keep my dogs active when we step out for a small amount of time.

I have two dogs with moderate food allergies an one with a sensitive tummy. (Ask Kylo-Ren if he wants a cheez it)

Here is the step by step process of how I make frozen pops for my pups.

Single source protein snacks help us know what the dogs can and can’t handle. Lt.Dan & Padfoot do better with bovine proteins while Kylo and Cri can do okay with poultry. For each dog I try to balance the ratio of proteins. Pumpkin and sweet potato are good tummy foods.

Now I have to say this is what works for my pack, not all dogs will be okay with the same! If you have a puppy or in the middle of food allergy tests just frozen goats milk or coconut oil an PB could work great for your pup/dog!

Sweet potato toes!

Beefy paw pads!

Pumpkin and Chicken covering!

Freeze and stick them in their favorite puzzle toy! I do have to advise there is always a risk of choking so make sure the frozen treat is the right size for your dog! If it was a german shepherd or boxer, I’d probably be reusing a gas station plastic cup an adding more liquid like a dog friendly broth or water. A slow feeder filled with their favorite kibble and water is also great for large dogs!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your furry family members! It’s their holiday season too♡

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