Do it by : C.A.S.B (me)

Do it until your back breaks and keeps breaking!

Do it till your joints scream and you’re forced to learn the erythema

Do it until you know the ends an outs and your practice

Becomes a well oiled machine…

Do it till your muscles ache

Until a cold shower is your only relief…

Do it Make the men that built America weep in Heaven,

because you’ve put in more work than they ever did…

Do it until you cry, scream and laugh a little

because it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever done.

Do it and never do it for free.

Pay yourself the highest salary on the planet and fire anyone who doesn’t offer higher…

Do it

Because your gorgeous with all those scars and marks…

Learn to love yourself and every flaw about you…

More than the world ever will.

Just do it

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