I can’t swim and life support

I started knitting with my fancy yarn 🧶 today. I didn’t realize how not worsted weight it was an I said

Yeah I’ll have a headband by the time I’m 70 an bald

I had only casted on the stitches an my husband said

“Let me see.”

I lifted the cast on

And he says

“It looks great you’re doing good cookie.”

I hadn’t even knitted anything yet. He’s very optimistic about my fibre crafts. This type of optimism is what I need after my Suv died, I had a migraine and my cat ripped me a new one in my knee. It’s been a rough week 2019!

All this is to say:

Stick to your knitting, kitten!

And stay positive, you’ll finish it soon. 🤣😉

3 thoughts on “I can’t swim and life support

  1. I tried to knit once, it was hard. I think I did it way too tight so it made it very hard to do. I heard crochet could be easier and faster?


    1. I’m a tight knitter an I’ve knitted 7 years! You go up a needle size or two and that way the gauge is larger. I could never understand crochet but the local cat cafe offers crochet cat bed classes.


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