Our Link to Each other 

If you believe in god how do you see god ?If you believe in some type of goddess how do you see her ? Over the small twenty seven years that I have been life I have looked into many different religions . I have listened to a lot of people explain their viewpoints and how they think the afterlife will be.That is if they even believe in an afterlife . 

I think my biggest sign of “G-d” was the birth of my child and how nature seems to always take care of its creation. I think it’s amazing when  people can provide other sources for their reason of belief outside of text books or lectures. They have something solid to “say look at this! This is why I believe .” Let me know in the comments on my blog what makes you have a breath of fresh air ? If you believe in humanism what makes you smile? If you’re an atheist what makes you excited to face another day? Look at the common answers that you may have with the people that comment,see how; we all have something to look forward to .

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