Self care and animal care taker

I am a pet sitter whenever a client books a sit an I can make it. Since losing the car I’ve had to make some big yes or no choices.

“Will this sit benefit me, plus pay for the back and forth from the sitting house?”

I had a big sit for four beautiful Great Danes while working my dog bathing job. Bathing dogs is no joke, it’s not the “easier version of dog grooming.” Some professional dog bathers carry more responsibility than others. I made the call to go to work when I was feeling ill and worked a shift nauseous and dizy. One of the danes followed me everywhere, including watching me vomit because he literally knew something was wrong.

Now I’m not saying call out and run for the hills every time you sneeze. If I did that id never work.

However, I did know that I was too ill to do my closing shift well. I had a full slot of dogs an I couldn’t hold water. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do your self care first. I ended up being in the hospital with IVs an Antibiotic bags because of underlying conditions. I should have went early and maybe not lost so much work time. 

Your self awareness has to come before you can truly help anyone or anything else. 

Now this advice means, get your doctor’s notes and your excuses for work or school! Don’t go crazy! 
I hope you’re all well! 

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