Experiencing blank…

In a small amount of time I went from feeling like everything was going to to mold itself together; to feeling like that first egg in the frying pan. If you remember learning how to make an omelet or a uniform type of egg,you know which egg I’m talking about. 

 It is like watching a piece of art being rained upon

I got my husband a puppy due to having full time employment, we get into a wreck, I lose my full time employment, leading me right back to where I started. While I feel more at home at my current place of employment it’s part time work,with full time responsibility. 

     I haven’t forgotten the magic in little moments. I’ve battled illness and infections,probably needing to make time for a doctor visit I can not make it to or afford it. I feel scattered and emotionally hopeless on future dreams I had and one of the worse things people have said is 

Oh honey it could be worse

What’s worse than constantly feeling like your trying to climb toward sunlight out of a muddy,steep hole?

I have happy seconds, they’re rare, but they’re there.

This is where I am,an I have to be comfortable in it, because it hasn’t changed in awhile.


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