Love and light

My husband lost his grandfather recently. The man wasn’t biologically related to him, but from the stories I heard, he loved his wife’s children from a previous marriage. He went on the love his wife’s children’s children and even my son(a great grandson by marriage.) He would talk to him, offer him little snacks that he knew he shouldn’t have before dinner. He was a sweet man when I met him, I wish I got to know him more.

I heard stories about how he’d play piano for people’s birthdays. How he’d play music when my husband couldn’t sleep or even watch cartoons with him. It’s beautiful when someone can love so blindly. I hear so many negative step parent stories, but from what I hear of Stan, he made his family narrative his own.

I didn’t know Stan personally too much. However for a man who fought hard battles, he emitted a glow of appreciation for his time here. He emitted love.

 I hope you are jamming out in heaven on your biggest stage yet Grand daddy Stan. We love you, until next time.

New York Times 
– C.Barrett

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