This must be love[ to love myself again ]

At one point in time in my life I was vegan and straight edge. Since having a child I’ve contemplated the implications of going vegan again. My child is old enough to make his choices and obviously so is my husband. My choices when I was younger were due to my morals, I feel like I’ve lost touch with that part of myself. 

Due to age and medical conditions, I believe I should try again. Start over and get in check. I remember I read this saying that said 

Be the person you needed as a child

I want to be that person again. I don’t know how I will pan out being straight edge with needing insulin and help with my migraines, but it seemed when I quit caffeine that I had less migraines (after the withdrawl). I am going to make these changes again, and they’ll be permanent this time. 

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