I have been transitioning thru some things with my career. Not giving too much detail, but I can say disappointing people seems to be a skill set of mine. It’s hard for me to make changes, I guess because fear of the outcome. Silly me always looking into a future that doesn’t exist yet.

    In the mist of my anxiety I have been knitting. Since my cable class and being taught Irish Cottage knitting I have had an issue with patterns. I have not book marked like I should so I have gotten variety of different versions of a stitch. Over centuries of knitting, my question is; “Does this happen often?”

One website says Irish Moss issue




Another One says;

K1,p1 *rep 2

P1,K1 *Rep 2
So my son has ended up with a very interesting scarf.

In the end, I believe it doesn’t matter as long as it’s knit with love and keeps him cozy. I’m just confused.

How’s it going for you darlings? Keeping up those new year resolutions?

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