Travel Recovery Soup

My family has a tendency to get ill before or after traveling. I pulled together a few ingredients that will kick your head cold blues and hopefully clear up some congestion.


1/2 bag ginger salad mix from Target (Something with kale,CARROTS,Cabbage,onions)

1/2 baby chard and spinach 

1 small box either Chicken or vegetable broth

1 package of ready cooked rice (I used Archer Farm coconut rice)

1 Ginger Curry mix packet (yet again I love Target and their Cart wheel)

2 cans of market farm white chicken chunks  (yet again,exclude this if you just want vegan soup)

1 tbsp Tumeric (go to a Asian market to get this the cheapest if you use it a lot)

1 tsp mexican oregano 

1 tsp cilantro 

1 tsp Cumin seed or coriander 

1 tsp cayenne if you want it spicy spicy

  • Start by pouring your broth in a large pot on high on stove top
  • Pour in ready cook rice, fill rice packet with water and add that
  • Chop up your chard and spinach and add to pot (leave a couple large leafs cause it’s pretty okay?!? unless you have small children than chop it like top chief)
  • Pour in your ginger salad mix (I used half a bag to feed 3 people small bowels so you decide how much you need, I ain’t yo mama)
  • Add your meats (or not if your vegan/vegetarian)
  • Pour in your ginger curry (it’s going to look like poop, but it cut costs on a lot of ingredients)
  • Add your spices (keep in mind that your ginger curry packet is going to make its medium spicy already so don’t go crazy if you have children that don’t like spice)
  • Cook until you vegetation is soft but not soggy! (unless you like soggy, in which case you might as well put it in a blender and make it into mush)
  • Enjoy! Seriously! while it’s hot! It’s going to make you sweat so get ya some fancy water to enjoy with it!

Make sure to watch your packages for any allergens and go light with the curry sauce if your family has never tried it before. I hope you’re all doing well.


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