Assuming makes an Ass of You & Me

I felt the need to rant…

Someone said something ugly to a Knitmoregirls girl’s listener about her “Lack of children” and how she has “So much free time to knit” …

Jasmine asked us to give our opinions on these type of rude comments people make, here is mine.

Do not let anyone assume anything rudely about your character because you do not have the same struggles they do or they assume you never have. Anytime you hear someone go;

“Oh that must be nice because so and so.”


“You must have so much ____ or free time because I can never ____.”

Those people can shove it okay?! 

    If you have made the choice to pursue your passions, you have already conquered whatever obstacles you need to get there and still are. No one can tell you that your job,your feelings or your life style isn’t valid! 


Because what you’re passionate about is yours! 

Someone once asked me if I was okay with my husband not working, because I work. First of all, he is studying what he is passionate about. Secondly he is an amazing home school teacher and loves his step son with all his heart. Lastly he puts 100% into our partnership as do I. I have never known a man who loves his family so much except for my grandfather.

I have also been asked “what do you plan to do except dog training?”

Let me get real with you….


I will always work in the animal field, I will scrape and save until I get to be the best me. I will never teach either of my children to just settle for mediocre when they can go after their passions. I will always inform them there will be hard times, but no one can take their love of something away from them.

No one should ever belittle your good, because they’re unhappy with what they do with their love life, life, free time etc. As long as you are doing no harm;

You do you Boo!

Always know and love your worth 

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