Don’t be absent for yourself


When I was younger my plans for myself were to roam free, live off the land, travel and pay my way thru work and helping. I hated the idea of working 9-5 and being unhappy with my career. I hated the idea of calendars and plans….

Flash forward ten years later an I’m a dog trainer that not only do I have to plan accordingly to fit my students needs; I also have to fit in time for myself. Organization has been a trigger for me to have a mental and emotional collapse. Asking for help hasn’t been my greatest virtue either. I have taken on my grandfather’s mentality of “If I took it on I got to do it.” While being a Jack of all trades it eventually has a breaking point.

All people are multi faceted I believe we are like this to have community. The right people will come into your life to help you grow along the way. I am learning to not allow myself to drown in my discomforts, but to compliment others by seeing were they can assist me in my growth. Despite what are lone wolf hearts may say, we need to develop a Spiritual buddy system. Here I am going to 5 list traits of what you can look for in your growth moving forward.


  1. People who don’t expect you to work for free, nor you expecting them. Being a patron of a Spirit Buddy, will motivate them to seek you out on your expertise later.
  2. People who want the best for you. No one wants to invest time, to see it not be put to use.
  3. People who would rather cut off conflict, negativity or gossip than give it more life. LIVE AND LET THE BAD MOJO DIE.
  4. People who have had similar struggles and have rose out of it before you. Learn to shut up and listen, even if it means sacrificing a comfort.
  5. People who don’t suck the life out of you, but can find your positives in your darkest moments.

Accepting anything less is toxic. People come and go in your life for a reason, and some will be seasonal. Take time out of your day an ask yourself

“Who wishes to see me grow?”

Thank them, tell them you want to invest more time with them, around them. Build community if you’re having trouble fitting into the one you’re in.

Much thanks to my personal virtual assistant Dianna Alvarez for helping me fill my gaps of growth. If you are interested in having Personal assistants via Skype, Facebook or Email please contact Dianna via .


Much Love everyone ❤

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