I’m honestly fearful

​I’ve grown up with so many black friends that I consider family, I have mixed people in my families, to sit by and not know what to do except be an alley is extremely painful.  I know what its like to hear a loved one was murdered, locked up or suffering, i can’t even put a name to the emotion you feel. Every person is the image of Creation, if you have in faith in something or not. If it affects you personally or not, please take a moment to think about if you knew these people who’ve been cut short.

If you got a phone call saying “your brother, mother,sister,son, or daughter is gone. It’s all over the news there is proof or reason for why they got shot.” Everybody gets hype for a minute, interstates are shut down, whole cities are locked down. After a few weeks an a couple people get slapped on the wrist, it’s over.

However these loved ones are still gone.

There’s no simple solution except the simple solution. 


I think the United States of America needs to start acting accordingly.

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