Spiritual family 

        Recently I have changed jobs and made new connections with people I could see myself knowing for life. I have also been afraid of building new relationships because I have had some doozies. I’m sure we have all been slightly jaded or have at one time caused someone else to feel betrayed. I’ve had to remind myself that cells in my body rejuvenate themselves all the time. We shed our old selves and become a new being with every mile marker, you know it when it happens, you feel it.

Recently my husband had an old friend reach out to him. A couple years ago he decided to abstain from some friends because he felt like his growth process was stunted by knowing them. We have both been very busy, but when he talked about getting together with this old friend again,I worried. My ego worried, because I am not my husband’s Shepard. I will always support him, but I believe in the past three years he’s grown. 

 If he were to make an old mistake, my support of him would not change. 

We can’t always helicopter our friends, our spouses or our children. 

We also must remember to no longer helicopter ourselves. Trust who have become, and are becoming.

Develop spiritual family, friends that hold strong to same core values that you trust. Remember sometimes family comes and goes also ever changing.

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