You are your greatest responsibility 

Lately I have been letting finances steal my ability to choose joy. I was recently listening to Gabby Bernstein and during

Miracles Now

, she quoted a yogi.

This is how I use to think, how I would go about my day. Why was life easier this way? Because I know despite everything else, my family had love and were not suffering. Over time the not so great things wore on me, recently I have gotten two Flat tires on my car. 

I just started my career being a Dog Obedience Instructor and all the things I thought I should’ve accomplished by now came roaring in.

I had forgotten all the things I have accomplished. I had forgotten the very heavy,serious battles I’ve won to get me to where I can breathe. Even though I hate being dependant on others. Sometimes we have to let go and let our tribe of people who we know want the best for us, help us carry our load. We have to take a break from the worldly things and find OUR JOY again, because it is ours and no worldly thing can stop that. 

Take a break, breathe deep. As my Mentor told me sometimes all you can say is 

“Well good…” And invent a new way to tackle your battles.

“In the end your greatest responsibility is you.”-Kathy Adams of Zen Parenting Radio.

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