The Ohmlet

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 slices Vegan Pepper jack cheese
  • Half green pepper
  • A pinch of mushrooms
  • Hand full of Kale,Baby Chard,and Spinach 
  • Oil of choice (I used olive)
  • Corse salt
  • First I like to preheat the pan covered in Corse Salt and a teaspoon olive oil. Salt is good as a non stick aid in skillet cooking and reduces the need for butters and oils.
  • I cracked my eggs and whisked them with the half green pepper I diced. I guess I should say “Dice the the green pepper” do that!
  • I threw the eggs and peppers in the skillet on low. While it was getting to omelet consistency, I finely chopped the Kale,Baby Chard and Spinach with the fresh mushrooms.
  • I ripped the cheese up with my clean hands, if you wish to use scissors or a knife to be fancy, go on head, I don’t care it’s your breakfast.
  • I tossed all the stuffed (greens, cheese, mushrooms) all over the cooking eggs.
  • I tried to flip it nice, but it got ugly…. real ugly… I divided it in half cause I was feeding the hubs too. 
  • Cook on both sides until you get that crispy egg look on both sides.
  • You’re masterpiece should look close to this:

I tossed mild salsa on mine and now it’s gone.

😊 I hope you enjoy my spin on the Omelets , called Ohmlet! 🍳

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