Phenix (a short, but truly terrifying short story by:C.S.B)

( This story is partly fiction, based on a pitbull mix I once adopted at a shelter as a teenager. There maybe content some trigger words in this story, not for young readers.

Thank you.-C.S.B and all the Phenix pups out there)


My name is Phenix, but it wasn’t always so. I don’t remember how I became, I just was. When I was young they took me from my mother, I cried… I thought PLEASE NO, IT’S TOO EARLY, I NEED HER . The people who took me did not understand my words, they just say

“She’s beautiful eh? Bet she’ll have the best offspring.” I remember the man asking,

“How much?”

I heard the word free, but it was never the free I remembered. I was in a garage, a hot garage. I was fed scraps from greasy plates, I don’t remember water well, but I remember trying my best to drink what was left of beer . That’s what the man who took me called it. I became an adult, or matured, they “bred” me, while the male was beaten often, I never saw him again. 

My children, I loved them, they weren’t treated well, but I gave them names. Lucy, Lady, Lad, Louie an I watched them be stolen from me. Too young, they didn’t know how to eat, they didn’t know our language. I never knew anything more of them, I heard they were happy, I hope so.

They tried to “bred” me again. This male was different, the last one dead from a weird disease. This male was big, he hurt me, he bite me. The people laughed, months went by an I was called “Worthless” , “Stupid” , “Wasteful Bitch” . I didn’t like the tone of these names, so I decided I was nothing. The man who took me from my mother, took me somewhere cold. They put me in a cell, but I had food and water. I was surrounded by others like me,sadder tales. Some were so angry, I never saw them again after the first day we met.

One day a girl came in, with her mother. She looked in my eyes and saw her own. 

“Mom, I want her.” She pleaded…

“She is so thin, you know what she is?” Her mom sounded more concerned than judging.

“Yes, I know, but she’s young. I can help her.” The girl said and her mom agreed and they took me to a place called “Home”

The girl looked me in the face and said,

“I know you had it rough, but you’re safe now. I’ll call you Phenix.”

I had a name, I finally had a name. The girl was my best friend, even though I ate her shoes, and made her wake up to teach me how to use the restroom. She read me stories, and let me sleep near her. One day I couldn’t play, my nose was running, I couldn’t see 

“Home” as clearly anymore. I knew what it was, it was the disease that killed the male. The little girl’s mom told her. They said the whole kennel I lived at, they had to be “put down.” The little girl held me in her lap and cried…

“Phenix, you are a good dog, you are a good girl. I will always remember you.” 


I was only two in human years. I got to know love for a short while. I hope with my story people know, puppies are not just profit. Eventually we become dogs. Someone will love us, and someone’s heart will break. I know some didn’t get the few months I had, but I am grateful she is writing my story now. I died loved. Please adopt, vaccinate, train and love your dog, it’s not your lifetime they love you for,

They love you for their lifetime.


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