My blood sugar levels are stable for the most part now that I have a full time job. Ace is in daycamp and hubs is studying full time to become an optician. I am a lot happier working at a closer dog daycare. I’m very fortunate to know and work with beautiful people.

For Father’s day we went hiking on a beautiful local mountain. Here’s some pictures!


Padfoot gave up about 3 miles in.


KYLO-REN just kept going…and going…


I like using the retractable leash when the trail is empty, so they can have freedom. Otherwise not my favorite device…


Kylo was hot! And lucky we found a small waterfall for him to play in.


These huge things! I know they’re mushrooms, but don’t know the type.

We had a great time. Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve is a great trail. Kylo and Padfoot now have an Instagram.
Kyloren_padfoot. < Go follow! We follow back

How did you spend your holiday? How's you're summer starting?

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