Early morning wake up call

Finally got to see an endocrine doctor. Still don’t know what type of diabetic I am, but my A1c told them I’m normally in the 500 range of blood sugar. I’m on two types of insulin that if I had to buy it all together would cost 700.00 . This isn’t including the needles.
    This morning I started the Lantus an I ate prepackaged oatmeal. I didn’t take my novalog with it because I was at 216 before oatmeal and thought the Lantus could bring it down. I was wrong. I checked two hours later and my blood sugar was 469. Needless to say I took my novalog. However what do you do when it comes to Lantus box saying “don’t mix insulin” and novalog being needed to take with meals?
         I guess this is life now. When my husband got a job I finally started to feel like we could get a home of our own. Now I have prescriptions that are going to take all of my income. Depression is pretty real for me. How do you get over the guilt of costing so much to stay alive? What makes people feel like all this is worth it?
Faith and hope are not my strong characteristics right now.

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