Summer Beer Pineapple BBQ Chicken tacos

You will need
☆ Enough chicken to feed your family
☆ Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet val. Onion Sauce
☆Pineapple chunks
☆ 1 Summer brew beer of choice (I used Landshark summer Lager)
☆ Taco Seasoning or choice western rub
☆choice oil (I use olive oil)

1. Plug in crock pot and pour half your beer in with oil of choice


2. Rub your chicken with seasoning and shred or shred after cooking ( your choice)

3. Toss 1/2 that chicken in the hot crock pot with the beer

4. Squirt 1/2 cup sweet baby rays sauce (or sauce of choice) and add 4-8 pineapple chunks depending on how sweet you want it

5. Add the other half of Chicken and rest of your beer.

It will look like this


6. Stir it up! Add lime or Lemon if you like some TWANG IN THAT THANG!

7. Put the top on it and let it cook on high for 5 hours

8. Make your sides, be it rice,beans, potatoes whatever DO YOU BOO!

9. Tell your peeps they need to bring their own tortillas.

10. ENJOY!


I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day… ♡ C.A.B.

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