Fancy pants and band aid hands


To be honest as much as I want to say I was dealt a bad hand of cards, a lot of it falls only on myself. When I was a teen I went thru this weird eating disorder phase were all I ate was cereal. Breakfast,lunch, dinner and I may have stopped for fruit,jello, or pb & j, but cereal was bae. I had a huge weight gain when I was pregnant with Ace to the point where I was pretty much on bed rest, which should have made me raise an eyebrow, but nope. I even found out later that thru my biological maternal grandmother I was predisposed to diabetes.


     Guess what? Didn’t stop my constant sweet tooth despite the frequent visits from childhood to adult to the hospital for dehydration. The night I finally got an ER doctor to prescribe me insulin until I could see a primary care/endocrine doctor, I found out even with my insurance I had to pay 500.00.
500.00 ?!?  What? I had a total melt down [the notoriously rude pharmacy lady at the first pharmacy didn’t help]


(I’m getting better)

      I was mad, I think because I was exhausted from the constant medical battles. Cancer, migraines, feeling nauseous, throwing up, feeling tired,aches and honestly not wanting to bother the people I loved anymore. I calmed down, remembered I’m not the only one and that thousands of other people understand what I am going through and they are too. It’s been a really hard year. I am more grateful for every good moment and every good person.

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