Padfoot Black here for a pet blog

Hello friends,

How have you been? I have been full of mischief. Mum has a lot of new clients because new summer so I stay at grandmas, an I got into it with Grandma’s cat Freya.
She split my ear! I didn’t need stitches, but I was sad because I don’t understand why Freya doesn’t want to play.


Mum swaddled me an I became happy again not long after that. KYLO-REN hates when I have mum to myself.


I take care of her migraines by squeezes. She cried, I’m sure, tears of joy.


My boy got to meet the Dynamo Dogs at GA Renfest! He even preformed with them. I am still his #1 poodle mix.
Famfest Video

Here is Kylo-Ren face!


He got in trouble for trying to make Mum’s lip stuff his own. One weirdo pupper! Mom gave him a small piece of olive and he rolled in and pee’d on it! 😦 I woulda ate it.


He thinks everything is his! Mom said the new Pets movie coming out is about two boy dogs like Kylo an I. I feel sorry for the big brother dog!


How can you not love that big goober face though? I know we both love our humans as much as they love us.

Summer is here, which means so are fleas,ticks, and allergies! How are you guys handling it? It’s also dog bite prevention week, please stick up for our Bully Breed friends! –

Padfoot & Kylo-Ren

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