Down! With the sickness!

While attempting to hold on to Hebrews 12:2 , I started getting sick. I’m so glad God isn’t as fickle as my strength. Now I am on lovely antibiotics and my mini me has the sniffles too. I hate allergy medication.

What has angered me more is the lack of being able to find a mammography center that accepts my insurance. My past medical history doesn’t matter and the closest doctor is in another state. When I say I’ve done everything in my power to find someone in Georgia, trust me I have. I’m not sure who to be upset at, the doctor’s offices or the insurance. Some won’t do it for liability reasons, some just won’t.

     It bothers me that I’ll have to sit in an ER to get preventive care. It bothers me that WOMEN have to go thru these things with their bodies. It infuriates me that we were pushed as Americans to get insurance we can’t afford to cover our medical issues that the INSURANCE ISN’T ACCEPTED by anyone. Pray about it? Cause I feel like flipping tables.

On another note Kylo-Ren is an escape artist. I got the dogs harness attachments for the seat belts in the car for when we go hiking. KYLO-REN has escaped not once, but SIX times my friends! Proud of himself too…


He is now in a much more expensive harness we bought at Petco that fits like a tee shirt.
Incase you too have an escape artist, find yours Escape Proof ! Kylo has attempted escaping from this as well, but one firm no has stopped further advances, so far.

Our last walk was on the county line trail in Peachtree City, Ga!







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