Armor is on, but not eating from the fruit tree


I hope this post is reaching everyone on a great day and you all are well. I’m writing with conviction and praise. I remember I’ve written a few times about how my family has struggled financially. Luckily I got a praise for that, my husband has been given a full time job an a promotion within a months time. Hard work has been rewarded, praise God because that’s not always the case.

    I have been getting more work, but also have had battles with my health. In the time I do have, I haven’t made time to see a doctor like I should. I know I should go, but mentally my heart is just not ready. I’m grateful to the Creator for maintaining me thru my ignorance of these issues, due to time and financial management.

I am having issues grieving for a family member. My aunt has been told she maybe has a month to live and the cancer treatment is over. This breaks my heart, this disease has tore me from my life and tore thru my family members. I wouldn’t want it for the worst of people. I hate that I can’t be there for my dad, or my cousins.

All these life events have made me struggle with faith.

I have never had so many joyous and opposing feelings towards the Creator happen at once in my life. While my family progresses my marriage struggles. While I come to terms with pain and health issues, emotional pain is eating me alive. All I ask for is prayer and to know that if you are struggling, there are little glimpses of Sunshine all around you. When a lot of people want your company in their misery, hold tight to those who make you smile.

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