Weeble,wooble,don’t fall down Psalms 118:13

Past couple months I’ve been really clinging to God. From feeling like my family’s taxi driver to taking tests last minute because of exhaustion. Clients that have said one thing and done another when I need to be with my family most. I haven’t seen the doctors I need to (mainly because some are out of pocket) an I’ve been running on fumes. This has caused a lot of tension between me and people. Sounds vague? No, I literally mean I have been ready to scream and cry and shout at anyone willing to listen.

Last night I was driving my family home an began to understand the only one who truly knows where my heart is at is the Creator. He knows every tear, pain, or emotional hurt before it happens. I sang thru my For King and Country cd and just cried out to Him. I know what is called to me from what the Bible says, but we all struggle and suffer. The point is knowing God is there to be praised, thru all of it.

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