Camping buddy

I was listening to Jefferson Bethke on Audible for his book It’s not what you think talking about a verse.
John 1:14
Saying that in Greek the verse basically states Christ literally came to live among the Sinners. Bethke went on to note the type of people Jesus placed himself amongst. Prostitutes,Tax Collectors,Homeless, and the all around misfits. I kept thinking about the literal verse of pitching His tent amongst us.

    In my mind I pictured Jesus as the kid everyone stacked their sleeping bags on, their water on. We invite Him along because we don’t want to do it all alone. Until we start to get an itch in our throat, or our eyes get heavy. We go miles and miles aimlessly sometimes. When we finally realize we are too weak, we look at our loyal, guiding friend and we only say “Thank you Jesus.”
    My thoughts on this exploded. I noticed I often become my own Scout leader, wrapping circles in the same paths, until I seek refuge, from the only one who provides that refuge.

    Jesus is the reason for the Easter season. When life gets frustrating, overwhelming, hard
all scripture leads us to the unflawed God, who died for all our flaws. Who wants nothing more, than to unpack our baggage with us.
This Easter weekend I hope you unpack with Him, I hope you give up the hard things and witness the miracle of what the Trinity has done.

Have the best holiday.

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