My love of coffee/Drug of choice

I started drinking tea and coffee probably before I knew how to spell my name. Maybe part of my anxious wiry personality could be blamed on this,  but let’s not point fingers. I  love coffee and tea. In fact a world without either would probably make  me really depressed.

Ever since I started having all these crazy IBS/liver/ nobody knows what’s wrong issues, I’ve looked for ways to be a more responsible caffeine drinker. This has included caffeine substitutes (FORGET THAT), milk substitutes, raw sugar, half caf, caffeine free, (insert all different brewing methods from French press to Vietnamese Coffee makers) if you name something I have not tried, I probably didn’t want to. I was told cold brewing method can be less acidic an I made my first cold brew with a French press tonight. God bless my mom and her faith in me.

I am really hoping that my brown sugar and cinnamon concoction pours out smoothly tomorrow. Trust there will be pictures, maybe even video.

Until than, tell me
How do you like your coffee/tea?


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