Hurry, hurry, hurry

I’ve been doing a lot of driving. A lot of driving. I don’t know where February has went, but I know I’ve slacked on seeing an endocrine doctor. I like being busy, it keeps my depression an anxiety at bay. I haven’t been on medication for it in a long time, an I’m grateful. This insomnia at night however, is about as fun watching paint dry.

Good news is my Ace man is still doing fabulous in school. I’m so proud of him, it makes me silly sometimes. Who am I that God blessed me with an awesome kid?

My husband is getting closer to a full time job. I pray all goes well for him, he truly needs an environment to build him up. Finally is at a place where he realises everyone who talked trash were not helping him grow. He is standing up for and growing himself. I may have been the one who lead him to lean on God, but I admire his faith everyday.

At some point and time I have to get my dog to a vet in admist of my dog sitting and interviews. Poor cone head  Kylo-Ren.


I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. Are you participating in Lint? Tell me about it.

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