Still waiting on Night Crawler to knock on my door

Today I got a phone call from the OBGYN saying my pap was abnormal. I fought stage 3 cervical cancer when my son was 2 years old. The thought of going thru all that again is like reliving a nightmare. I have battled anxiety since I was a kid, migraines, alcoholism, CO dependency, depression, anorexia,
On top of all these things I’m a redhead and left handed. Both are mutant genes, I am still waiting for Night Crawler and Stan Lee to show up at my door to offer me a contract as an X-WOman.

Other than that I’ve had a few interviews. I’ve passed my second semester of school. My husband is good and my son is doing GREAT in school and karate. My two boy dogs are now neutered an can go where ever they are lead for dog parks, doggy daycare etc.

I just feel like with no call backs on those interviews, issues with my insurance, seeing 4 or 5 different doctors in a month, I’m getting exhausted. I don’t even know if the word exhausted fits. I can’t express to young people enough how badly being an adult really,really sucks.

Stay healthy kiddos.


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