Hello from Puppies

Padfoot here! Mom has been taking us on road trips a lot lately. Part of it is because Doctors are more concerned with her liver than anything else. Stupid chemo….
She heard of a Monastery in Conyers,GA and decided she wanted to get a rosario for our Great Grandma.
Kylo Ren doesn’t know how to act in public so I teach him.


He peed near Mary and baby Jesus! I waited until we got to the grassy part to go potty. I can’t believe Kylo-Ren! Shame,Shame,Shame!
We walked all over this pretty place.


There is my shadow with my mum. I wish she could have taken my leash off so we could run and roll in grass. Our boy ran for us and he read to us about the Saints.


These are chestnut trees and they smell glorious. KYLO-REN AN I BOTH WENT CRAZY WITH THE SNIFFS!


Mom put us in the car with dad so she could help boy buy baby cactus. My BRO KNOWS NO CHILL. He licked the windows all messy!


We will let you know of our next adventure. Georgia got cold again so mum worries about our pawsies.

Tell me🐶 Have you ever been somewhere big?!?
We were sure tiny….


If you want to know more about the Monastery here’s a link!
Monastery of the Holy Spirit

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